Brachioplasty is designed to tighten the skin of the upper arm. Depending on weight gain and loss, and heredity, most people will see a loosening of the skin of the upper arms. It is an unsightly reminder of aging, and has long been a target of innovative surgery.

It is simple enough to place an incision from the axilla to the elbow, and remove all excess skin and fat. Unfortunately, the price of this is a long, and often unsightly scar. Hence, the most dramatic version of this procedure is reserved for those whose skin laxity warrants accepting an unsightly scar.

For most people a compromise is available which significantly tightens the skin of the upper arm, and has little or no visible scar.

This is accomplished by suctioning out fat and removing a triangle of skin at the axilla (under arm).

Results are quite good, and significant complications are rare.