Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

This procedure reduces the size of overly large, pendulous breasts, to a size and shape in harmony with an individual’s body. There are many reasons to seek breast reduction, and a few variations on how it is performed.

Usually performed under general anesthesia, or sedation and local, the operation is fairly extensive due to the dense nature of breast tissue and volume being removed. Try to visualize the operation as taking a wedge out of a large pie, and the reforming the remainder into a smaller whole. There are many incision options, which depend on anatomy, surgeon preference, and patient preference.

The post operative dressing is usually a surgical bra, and post operative pain is surprisingly minimal.

Breast Lift is performed using the same incisions as breast reduction. Excess skin is removed, but not breast tissue. In essence, this operation creates a tighter, higher skin brassiere. When there is less dramatic sagging of the breasts, smaller incisions will often suffice, sometimes only around the areola, where scarring is minimal.

The level of patient satisfaction with both breast reduction and lift is very high. Scars fade with time, but never fully disappear. None-the-less, patients are delighted with the trade off.