Microsuction is a very effective, minimally invasive technique. Fine, sterile cannulas are used for the removal of fat are the corners of the mouth, the jawline, neck, and the heavy folds that develop along the nasolabial line from the nose to the corners of the mouth.

Removing the fatty spots helps a lot, of course, and as a side benefit the microsuction irritates the undersurface of the skin and seems to stimulate it to tighten and look better. An area where this does wonders is the double chin.

Microsuction may eliminate the need for neck-lift in younger patients. What you can be assured of is visible improvement. This procedure is best for smaller areas and for individuals in their late thirties and forties whose skin retains a healthy elasticity. The least dramatic results are in those individuals with little excess fat but an anatomically obtuse angle between the neck and mandible (lower jaw). The sum of all this is that if the fatty accumulations along the jaw, and elsewhere, are dealt with early by microsuction, not only are they eliminated, but the skin over them tightens and adds to the result. Here, the sum is greater than its parts.

Microsuction of the jawline and the pouches alongside the mouth should be considered whenever a patient is undergoing eyelid or other facial surgery. It is a disservice not to think of it, for so much can be gained so easily. Microsuction alone is among the most popular options in fighting the early signs of aging. It is performed under local anesthesia and sedation. A tiny hole is made either under the chin or behind the earlobes, through which the cannula is introduced. These sites are chosen because they make for easy access to the trouble spots, and they are not readily visible.

The result of the procedure is immediate, though masked a bit by swelling over the first week or two. In general there is very little bruising. The actual result matures over six or eight weeks. At that point, all the swelling is long gone and the skin is as taut as it is going to be. The procedure is very, very low-risk. In general, this simple procedure takes about half an hour to perform, effectively eliminates some of the earmarks of early aging and refines the lower-face contours and tightens the skin. All this without traditional surgery, with minimal recovery time and little or no risk. Sounds too good to be true, but for the appropriate patients it buys years of good looks and pushes the need for actual surgery years down the road.

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